How long does a remodel project typically take?

Depending on the size of the remodel it can take on average 4-12 weeks. A master bath remodel with everything being replaced and no walls being moved would be 4-6 weeks long. A kitchen remodel takes about the same amount of time with the exception of building the cabinetry. We usually build the cabinetry first and when it is almost at a completion stage, we then start the remodeling aspect so we leave you without a kitchen for as short of a period as possible. A whole house or condo remodel usually takes 10-16 weeks to complete.

How do payments work?

Depending on the size of the project we cut the payments up into 1/3rd's or 1/4 th payments. On our Cabinetry only projects we usually require 1/2 down, a progress payment just as we are very close to delivering and installing the cabinets of another 1/4th payment and then the final payment of the balance at completion.

What is the process for remodeling from beginning to end?

Meeting to go over the scope of the project 2. give a proposal for said work. 3. At acceptance we provide drawings if needed for approval. 4. We put you on our schedule. 5. Complete the work in a timely manner.

Are permits needed?

Some projects require permits if structural items are being performed. If plumbing or electrical are being changed at locations, than a permit would need to be pulled. All cosmetic items are usually not needing a permit.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are licensed, insured and bonded with the state. This protects you as a homeowner not only to get the job done right but for warranty issues, insurance issues. If you have an unlicensed contractor do work at your home and something awful happens such as a flood due to a broken pipe or god for bid a fire break out due to poor electrical work done, than your insurance company may not pay our your claim. Even worse, you or your family member could get hurt.

Do you provide a warranty?

We only provide a warranty in writing if our clients ask for one. A warranty is just a piece of paper that means nothing if the person or company writing it does not honor it. RCB stands for my son Riley, myself Christopher and my wife Beth. We stand behind what we do and if there is a problem with something we have worked on than we are there for our customers to get it resolved so we both can get on with our lives. We have honor and pride in what we do and we demand that our employees perform each and every day with that same pride in their work.

Do you have any examples of your work I can check out?

Yes we do. Our website has plenty of pictures on it, our Facebook page also has some of our work and on Houzz.com we have projects posted there as well.